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Early planning for a first conversion

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I would like to build an EV perfect for Philadelphia driving. I rarely drive more than 25-30miles in a given day. Typically it’s much less. There are good stretches where that is @ highway speeds. Having a car with a little pep is practically a requirement with the way folks drive here, and there is the occasional hill along my usual rout.

I would also want a car that will look and function normally, with low maintenance. Preferably a good battery management system and idiot proof charging (plug in anywhere and forget it). I want to make a vehicle that will do EVs justice, demonstrating to the local public that electric cars are viable, practical and simple to use. It will be parked outside (no garage) in front of a Historic Mansion, (I’m a caretaker) so it may get some attention.

I’ve done a good bit of internet shopping, and I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. The AC drive systems seem impressive, and I like the possibility of regenerative breaking. With the city stop and go it seems to make the most sense. They also seem to be where EV tech is migrating. But the component DC systems seem inexpensive and customizable. Given my concern with value and longevity (previous post), should I consider an efficient matched drive system like the Azure Dynamics packages? Spending the money there would allow me good range with less expensive batteries. The batteries don’t hold their value and will wear out in time. I could always upgrade them later.

I would really prefer to not spend over $15K for the whole car, donor and all. Obviously I would prefer less. I’m an accomplished welder/fabricator, so I won’t need to rely on much outside labor. I can even make my own adaptor plate(s) if necessary (some machining experience and tools).

I was impressed with Andy Herringshaw’s Mazda on the EV album -

Are these specs possible for first time converter? Does anyone have any suggestions?
Sorry for the long winded posts.
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looks like he laid it all out as far as costs and capability.under 15k including the car,damn sweet! EV'ers are a friendly bunch,email him and ask i'm sure he'll help you out.:)
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