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Hello all,
I am currently in the process of converting an old Kazuma Falcon ATV from Gas to electric and figured I should ask around here before I dive wallet first into buying electric parts. I got the ATV broken off craigslist for free and managed to fix the broken transmission and get the thing running again before I decided I wanted to make it electric and bring it up to my cabin in the mountains to haul wood (and snowboarders) up the mountain. I am also, however, looking to have some fun with it and be able to achieve 30mph (possibly use a differential?). Currently, the frame is ~120lbs cut down to its short and curlies and needs to be able to handle a maximum load of ~550lbs. I have been considering a 48V motor using some source of Lithium Ion batteries to power it. This is my first dip with EV Conversions, but I have moderate electrical engineering experience (not to say I am any expert). I am looking for any guidance you guys have and was hoping I could have some of my options reviewed by people who have done this stuff before. Thus far, the calculations I have done have told me 4KW is the sweet spot for me which (for 48V) would mean ~80 Amps continuos. I am sure there is something wrong with my math or understanding of batteries, but why doesn't this mean in order to run the system for 2 hours I would need 160AH? I see people on evalbum who use 30AH systems and claim an operating time of several hours before charges. Also, does anyone have experience with differentials and can maybe help me understand how I could implement that into my build. Also, how should I be using gear ratios to optimize my conversion?
Below are the results of my research and to be clear I am looking for the best price for performance in all areas.

Motors: I have been looking mainly at 48V motors but am open to any suggestions. I don't know if I have the money or experience to fool around with an AC system, so for now I am looking to stick with the classic series wound DC. If anyone has a good used option that they know of, I have had no luck finding a good forklift motor and have visited two forklift repair places and checked out your motors. Again, I am looking to save money here so any budget friendly advice is welcome.

Batteries: Initially, I was only looking at deep cycle lead acid 8v batteries, but have become intrigued by the option of using a lithium ion option. Any guidance here would be very appreciated. Also, what AH should I be looking for? I was considering starting off low and then buying more and wiring them in in parallel if needed.

Motor Controller: No idea what I am doing here, was hoping I could outsource my research to you guys and just take a good suggestion or recommendation. An added bonus would be to have a controller with the possibility of using brake lights and/or turning signals, but only if it is cost-effective.

Anything Else I am missing: Any general advice about building this system or something I am forgetting I am sure would be helpful (and could save me a mistake.)

I have compiled some notes I have taken within this Google Doc if I could get someone to review this I would be very appreciative.

Thank you ahead of time for your support and insight!
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