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Please read this message:

Hey Everyone,

ECEDRA is here for everyone to join. We welcome all to participate as we are energetic EV supporters first and foremost. I serve on the Board of Directors of the EAA and want to reassure everybody that we (ECEDRA) want to promote EV Drag Racing to help with our first and foremost goal of supporting EV deployment. At first we wanted to join forces with other groups and our request was voted down by the board there. So we left with kind words and have not bad mouthed anyone there but rather wished them the best so that EVs and EVers image will not be harmed by this online banter.

For almost two years I tried to get people involved on the East Coast to have more EV racing Events but couldn’t pull it off by myself. I love the Power of DC and plan on attending again next year if at all possible. Seeing Ron’s posts here on this board led me to contact him directly and share my ideas and passions for this and we found like minds. I proceeded to contact the racing entity about setting up chapters and Ron started setting up the website. Feeling initially that we would be welcomed by the existing organization Ron “borrowed” website images thinking that once we had the initial discussions with the Board of Directors they would be welcoming us and want our team image to look uniform. Plus we didn’t want to look like we were trying to compete with them as that WAS NOT the original intent at all. The message board lit up prior to our discussions taking place and we have been defending our personal integrity and the sport ever since. Please take notice that it is not ECEDRA that is posting these things and making accusations rather the tone and vernacular illustrates the harshness of what we encountered.

I personally hate this type of “attach” messaging in any way shape or form. Please search the EVDL from months ago and note my comments about the EV Components war that was taking place there. I was one of the lone voices asking that everything that was going on there be taken “off list”. We are an organization now with confirmed EV racing events. We cannot do this alone and need fellow EVers to race. I know there are EVers that want to do this and up until now there has only been one opportunity to do so on the East Coast. Power of DC. This year we expect to hold 4 separate events now! Lets look at that positive opportunity for what it is! We have opportunities now to show the general public that EVs can compete. The NYC media market (which is huge) my cover these events and give us press time! That will help promote EVs!!!!

That is what we are about! Promoting EVs. I hope to see everyone in Middletown at the next meeting!


Douglas A. Stansfield
973-875-6276 (office)
973-670-9208 (cell)
973-440-1619 (fax)