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Ecedra press release

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EV Energy Stations Inc. to Sponsor the First $3000 Purse for an EV Drag Race on the East Coast

EV Energy Stations Inc. has partnered with the East Coast Electric Drag Racing Association to
provide funding for the winner purse in the amount of $3000 to be broken down by ECEDRAs
Electric Vehicle classifications.

“We are excited that EV Energy Stations has stepped up to become the first sponsor to offer a
$3000 purse at one of our Events” said Ron Adamowicz, President of the East Coast Electric Drag
Racing Association . The Batteries EV Shootout Event will take place on July
16th, 2011 at Pittsburgh Raceway Park 538 Stone Jug Road, New Alexandria, PA 15670

All of ECEDRAs races will be open to Electric Vehicles that are willing to join ECEDRA and
compete. In order to be eligible the racer has to be a member of the ECEDRA organization.

“We are excited to be able to partner with an organization like the East Coast Electric Drag
Racing Association because of the high profile charging that our units will be able to service and
to let customers know that EV Energy Stations are available to be installed in their own work
parking facility today!” said Rick Smith, Vice President of EV Energy Stations Inc.

Contact Information: Ronald Adamowicz – [email protected]

About ECEDRA: East Coast Electric Drag Racing Association (ECEDRA) is located in Connecticut
and serves the East Coast of United States. Our goal is to bring sanctioned events to east
coast tracks while maintaining classification and safety rules for EV Drag Racers. ECEDRA also
sanctions racing events and charity drives. ECEDRA is a coalition of racing enthusiast, EV racing
owners and supporters with a goal in promoting the sport of electric vehicle racing. Our
association promotes the use of electric vehicles for racing as a sport. Our EV World is growing
daily with members from all over the East Coast of United States and beyond.

About EV Energy Stations: EV Energy Stations is an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)
provider, Manufacturer, service and installation company. EV Energy Stations goal is to see an
EVSE charging station within 5 miles of every US homeowner and at every work location where
a car may park in the USA. The transportation infrastructure of tomorrow is here today and
ready to be installed by EV Energy Stations.

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The East Coast Drag Racing Association (ECEDRA) is relentless in looking for new sponsors. Our goal is to provide a purse for every event in our 2011 racing season. For more information on our media packages please contact: [email protected]
Trans Atlantic Electric Conversions or will be sponsoring a race as well next year. Look for an announcement shortly.....
I feel it is very important to offer a purse for each event. The more sponsors, the higher the purse. Racers have spent thousands of dollars building their EV Drag Cars, it is time for them to win some money back!

ECEDRA will divide the total sponsorship's amounts into purses for each class and speed. If certain classes are not raced on any given event then the purse from that class will be added to classes raced on the event day.
Additional events with purses coming soon! :eek:
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