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eCOPO Camaro: Factory conversion

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I noticed that Road&Track ran an article about a GM EV:
Chevy's ECOPO Camaro Is a 700-HP Electric Dragster
(Ignore the title-writer's error - it's a drag racer, not a dragster)

A Camaro-based EV concept would be possibly interesting, but not very relevant to the DIY EV world. This car is of no relevance to production EVs (current or future), and is technically less advanced than ordinary production EVs, but that's why it might be of interest to DIYers.

More technical and EV-focused publications provide more EV-specific detail:
Summit Racing: SEMA 2018: Chevrolet Unveils an All Electric Version of its Famed COPO Camaro—the eCOPO
Electrek: Chevy shows off a 800V Electric ‘eCOPO’ Camaro conversion running a 9 sec quarter mile

They're using a pair of BorgWarner (formerly Remy) HVH 250-150 motors, stacked and adapted to a conventional transmission... the configuration most commonly used for conversions (motor replaces engine on original transmission). They're fed by Rinehart Motion Systems PM250DZ inverters, which are (like the motors) premium stuff but available to DIYers. There's not much detail on the battery, but it weighs 700 pounds and packs are installed in the rear seat area and the in the trunk (one in the spare tire well and the other in the area over the rear axle)... like a DIY project, not under a re-designed floor like a major manufacturer's design.