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Hi. I read about this earlier today where they said the top prize for most efficient and clean vehicle went to that ICE based one. I searched for 45 minutes to no avail as to how they came up with that.

I didn't find it just now , but read somewhere that the electric assumed charging from the grid which is generated by some significant percentage of fossil-based fuel (50%?). Therefore, EVs "produce" CO2 emissions. Unfortunately, I'm not sure they account for the emissions the fossil fuel "emit" when they are refined/transported to the gas station.

... 'dems 'da breaks, 'cause 'dems 'da rules ... The teams should have known the parameters when they entered. Life's not always fair. Even if I plan to recharge from home-based renewables, the rules weren't written that way. They assumed the average Jo(sephin)e who would be purchasing these "production" vehicles would charge from the grid which is mostly fossil generated.
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