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Press Release
Electric Auto Association
Subject: Educational chapter of EAA formation.
This is our newest education chapter.
All the details are below and the code will be EVTI -EVA
- Will
323 Los Altos Drive
Aptos, CA 95003
(831) 688-8669 ;

Electric Vehicle Technical Institute Inc.
6915 Brookridge Trails, Lakeland, Florida, 33810, ( e-mail:[email protected])
President, Dennis Miles Ph,[863]289-0690

Greetings To: The Electric Automobile Association/EAA or EVA and affiliated groups.

We are dedicated to the advancement of the EV on the highway. We train individuals to Build, Convert,
Repair, and Service, Pure electric vehicles and hybrids. We are also concerned that every one considers only
Recharging when they speak of Infrastructure, what about service and repair?

Currently most EV owners service their own EV as a hobby, but, many of the next generation will just want to Drive, not fix their new car! We need EV service and repair technicians, retraining for current mechanics and training for new EV Techs too. A Million of them across the USA and Millions more around the world, in the next 10 years.

Several students came to me asking if they could form a student club based upon their interest in Electric Vehicles. I suggested EAA and the idea of an EAA chapter was very appealing, the other established public and
Education chapters combined with the well established EAA Organization, with a newsletter to tie it all together and having bylaws and even a meeting agenda pre written make a chapter of the EAA easily organized.

As the unifying “character” at our school, I volunteered to act as “Advisor” (All the students know me.)
My name is Dennis Miles and I am the President of the Institute.

We will also welcome community members at our meetings as the nearest chapter is “SUNEVA” and it
meets 75 miles away (and a three hour round trip.)

I have been a member of SUNEVA and they are a GREAT GROUP, but a long drive for me.

Dennis Miles (President)
(and NOW), EAA club advisor to EVTI-EVA Education Chapter.

We are using the EVA and not the EAA in our chapter because the “Experimental Aircraft Association” or EAA has a large and very active chapter in our area, and one of the largest “Fly-in’s” in the World,(The Sun N Fun) in the Spring here in Lakeland, every year.
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