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Hi all,
i am pretty new to this topic and more the production-guy.

Could you tell me why its beneficial to have high speed/rpm motors in terms of efficiency?
What are the limits and why is the speed climbing just now? Are there limiting factors?


Hi Patrick,

As a designer, you have application requirements (performance) and constraints. You size the motor to power requirement and gear for the needed torque. Realize motor torque determines motor size.

If you had no constraints and designed for highest motor power per motor weight, RPM would be extreme. Strength and cost of materials would eventually be your limit.

Motor and system efficiency are constraints; actually design trade-offs. Weigh against cost, size, mass, etc.

Trend appears to be moderately high motor RPM. In most cases achievable without much of any hit on overall efficiency at reasonable cost, (high nonreoccurring cost like R&D, tooling, ect.).


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