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Hi all,

Back when I was trying to bring some EIG cells into Australia, I developed a suite of PCBs and termination boards for 2p, 3p and 4p packs. The cells were still too pricey for the DIY crowd, so we ended up bailing on the shipment.

However I spent almost $2000 developing these termination boards. I even got the copper buslinks for the 3p boards water jet cut and had them tinned.

The system uses EIG cells with holes punched in them and these are clamped down with stainless steel M3 screws. They screw into brass nuts which are soldered to the underside of the boards. I have a stack of boards left over and I'm moving house, so it's time to unload them to anyone who wants to use them.

$250 + shipping will get you four complete 7s3p boards, including buslinks and screws, as well as nine blank boards ready to have nuts soldered to them,

Four 7s2p boards with nuts and screws, but no buslinks, and about 28 spare boards ready to have nuts soldered on.

One 7s4p board, no nuts, screws or buslinks.

One EIG cell tab trimming and hole punching template. You pop the cell in the template, and with a fine marker pen and a plastic ruler, draw lines where the cell needs to be trimmed and the holes punched.

Happy to send these off as one big bunch as I really just need the space. PM for details.



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