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Continued from the introduction thread here: New race kart member

Build progress...

3D printed parts are in hand, look great. Only issue is the dimensions are slight smaller due to ABS shrinkage. So I'm having to bore and smooth the cell connections out, and slightly enlarge the copper plate paths. Certainly not show stoppers by any means. Next battery will have revised designed to allow more space for this issue. FDM 3D printing is somewhat of an art vs CNC.

If you look close, you'll realize a mistake and why one of these is being re-printed. Dooh!



Kelly bluetooth and various connectors have now arrived. The bluetooth will allow connection to a laptop or Android tablet for programming.

Motor coolant pump has arrived. It is a Toyota Prius inverter pump and will run off the tool battery to cool the motor.

Orion2 BMS and battery charger will be ordered as soon as the battery construction is completed (so I can use their wiring test tool without extra shipping).

I plan to have a Battery Day by mid month. There will be a scheduled live event assembling it, as it should not take that long using this new weldless method.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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