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1986 El Camino
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Copied from my first post in the new member forum. Just saw the sticky concerning first builds.

Newbie looking for opinions and options from veterans.
I'm planning on replacing the ICE in an El Camino with either electric or Hybrid,(we really like the wife's Volt, and live in small town TX). Would like good performance with ability to tow a ski boat. Range towing should be at least 80 miles.Thinking would like to use an OEM drivetrain if possible, maybe buying a complete car if needed. Open to any brand, suspension, 2wd or 4wd, one or two motors, transmission or not. I'm good mechanically, good with wiring, not quite as good with the computer controls, but I did tune my GTO with HPtuners, and tune bikes with Power Commanders, etc. Would like to keep the costs on the lower side, so probably not looking at EVWest drop in when it comes out, though it looks nice.
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