I have 5 EL-Con TCCH -288- 12 4kw battery chargers. They are configured for 288v currently but they can be reprogrammed for any voltage. They put out 12amps max, however, they can also be linked together in parallel to increase the charging output if need be.

I bought them for doing a large battery storage/ inverted 3 phase system for my shop. I spent too much on the shop and now don't have enough for the large battery bank. These are typically $1,700 I am looking for $950 ea obo.

I also have 3 - Schneider conext xw+4868 6.8kw solar inverter/battery chargers if anyone might be interested $2,500. These things are really nice with a ton of on and off grid capability and built for commercial applications. also new in box

Would be great to have an EV along with solar powered house/ charging that way your fuel is 100% free! That is what I am planning on doing.

Would be willing to sell for less if it was purchased in multiples or as a lot.

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