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Elcon 3000 Needs a New Home

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I have learned that my Elcon 3000 charger can't be upgraded to power my new
battery pack, so it needs find a new home.
It is currently set up for 46 LiFe04 batteries. It is the 144-16 model. The top
charge voltage is 167 volts. The programmed algorithm is 612
The charger is at Elcon in CA and can be programmed to suit your needs.
Here is a link to the specs

The charger is in great condition. It was purchased in 2009. I did have to cut
the lower portion of the one third of the cooling fins on one side. It did not
effect the operation of the charger.
I would like to get $750. Reprogramming will cost $75. I will cover the return
shipping to you. If you don't need reprogramming, you are ready to go.
I will add a picture later. I can also send photos upon request. There are photos on my EV Album page

Thanks for looking
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Re: Elcon 3000 Needs a New Home-SOLD

Don't know what you guys are looking for, but this charger sat at Elcon for a month while you guys dallied.
Well it is sold to a local guy that was smart enough to realize it was a sweet deal.
Another charger came up and people flock to it, but the guy is banned from a reply?
Every LiFe04 charger that comes up on this list gets an almost instant reply, what was wrong with my post? Not serious enough? This was a perfectly good charger with a slight cosmetic flaw. And it was at Elcon ready to be programmed!
I did not even get a reply?
That's OK, got my deal worked from right here in the heart of gas and oil.
Thanks for looking

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these types of chargers are almost custom tailored for the pack they are bought for initially, and can really only be programmed within ~10%, and it's a huge hassle. I didn't find Elcon in Sacramento easy to deal with at all, and they tended to want to sell a newer charger with a credit for the old one instead of reprogramming.

it's almost easier to just buy one new, and if ordering direct from China (evassemble) I believe it's the same price you wanted for the used one + reprogramming hassle.

If you sold it you must've found someone with nearly the same pack as you, which is a needle in the haystack.

You put an Elcon 3000 up for $500 and you might get someone who wants to mess with it. Anything more than that, might as well buy new. Fantastic charger though.
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