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elcon 400w dc-dc converter can i put it upside down ??

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I am just installing my elcon 400w DC-DC converter and could not find out if it matters which way up it is - i know for the elcon chargers - elcon recommend an orientation presumably due to cooling performance but does anyone know if it matters for the DC-DC converter - for neatness i want to install it upside down ?
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To explain this a little more the kit car I'm building was originally designed for a zetec engine and the bracket for the top nearside engine mount (gearbox actually) is the perfect size for the DC DC converter almost like it was disigned to hold it :)- just made up an alloy plate to create some mounting holes.

but it would also fit upside down under the bracket this would lower the weight a little and tuck more neatly in the chassis i guess the hot air coming from the fins would not rise quite so neatly but not sure if this would be a big issue?
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