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Elcon buzzing

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I have an ELCON PFC 2000+ I've been using for two years (first year with lead, then reprogrammed last year for lithium). Aside from stupidly popping the AC fuse once, I've been happy with it.

Recently I've noticed the sound of the charger having more buzz or crackle when charging. So far, I've had no problem charging, but I'm wondering if it's normal or if I should be fixing some underlying problem; or just be prepared for it to die ;).

My car is here: , I'm using 38 x 130ah CALBs for a 120v nominal car (normally ends at 131v ... 3.45 per cell) and I'm using a Lithiumate Lite BMS.

Thanks - Dan
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Maybe go over each cell connection and make sure everything is tight. my 2c
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