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ElCon charger with wide input voltage range AC85V-AC265V at 50Hz or 60Hz available

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We are the manufacturer of ElCon battery charger.

We supply for Suzhou Eagle – a golf cart manufacturer and Chery automobile – an EV manufacturer up to 1000pcs per month. We also supply many EV companies at home and abroad, including Australia .We configure our chargers for batteries– Thunder Sky, Sky Energy, Headway,Trojan, US battery, PSI batteries in Taiwan, R & J batteries in Australia etc.,

Our ElCon battery chargers have following advantages compared with other charger manufacturers:

1.Wide input voltage range AC85V-AC265V at 50Hz or 60Hz available for worldwide requirements.

2.Fully sealed and water-proof,protection class IP46,vibration-proof level up to SAEJ1378.

3.Intelligent tempreture compensation function in the charging process.

4.Available for various kinds of batteries like lead-acid battery , LiFePO4 battery,etc.

5.10 unique algorithms AH setting for lead-acid battery charger and voltage setting for LiFePO4 battery charger

6.Full load efficiency high with above 93%.

7.Internal integrated PFC,no pollution to electric-network,avoid shocking on electric network from heavy current.
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