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Elcon PFC 1500 and Elithion BMS wiring help

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I'm ready to hook up my BMS with my Elcon charger. However the elithion manual provides information which is different from what i see. The manual also suggests getting a custom built circular connector from some company and then explains pinouts based on those.

Im unable the get pinouts of the circular connector on my elcon. However, Ive heard that the newer elcons have a NC/NO circuit built in (like the two wires you see in the pictures below)

Can somebody provide a real life experience and working diagram (rough). What do I do with the 5V input on the charger?

Is it mandatory to use the circular connector on the charger? If yes can somebody provide a pinout so I can match it to the elithion BMS manual? (Elcon's datasheets do not have this pinout!)



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Apparently there are several versions of the Elcon charger.... and Elithion only has one of the pinouts.

Unfortunately, you may need to contact Elcon to get the pinout. The wiring is known for the elithion system, but you need to know the pinout of the Elcon. They've changed it several times which makes it hard to interface.

Can you post a picture of the connector? Is it not the same as the one here?:
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