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Elcon/TC Charger Firmware: Facts

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Minimal Discussion!

Please direct all discussions to the Elcon/TC Charger Firmware: Discussion thread.

Obsolescence Notice
This topic refers to the oldest range of Elcon/TC charger hardware, those manufactured with Elcon or TC branding prior to December 2013.
However, Elcon branded PFC models (not the UHF models) seem to retain the same basic design and processor chip.
From 2014 onwards, the TC branded HQ and later models use a different processor altogether
(a 32-bit ARM based processor, compared to an 8-bit 8051 based one).
As a result, this topic DOES NOT APPLY to the following models: UHF models, or TC branded PFC models manufactured 2014 or later.
As far as I know, no work has been done on the firmware for the models with the ARM based processor.​

This thread is intended to discuss just the FACTS of Elcon/TC charger firmware.

History and acknowledgement.
The processor.
Reading the firmware.
User selection.
Hardware for reading/writing firmware.
Writing the firmware.
Understanding the firmware:

Serial data contents.

EEPROM contents.
Building new firmware.
Flashing new firmware.
The comparator.
Firmware downloads

  • The Calibrator for setting the value of EEPROM contents.
    UniCAN: the (almost) Universal CAN bus firmware.
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Very informative even though I know very little about programming, I just want to thank you for all the time and effort explaining some of it.

My question is this, are they doing this on purpose to make it hard for someone else to program, or is it to using older and maybe cheaper processors etc.

I saw Jack showing how to program with the CAN unit, and it was easy to re program. I'm just amazed that the software the factory used has not been hacked, I'm sure that the hardware they use cant be anything special.


1 - 1 of 29 Posts