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I converted a Chevy S-10 to electric drive a couple of years ago and now I want to sell it. It's in excellent running condition. I bought all of the components from CANEV and they are all top of the line. Here's the specs;

1999 Chevy S-10
Heavy duty Suspension
Standard transmission
9" DC Motor
9" Motor to Transmission Adapter
9" Motor Mount
Zilla 1K programmable controller
Throttle Control Assembly
Manzanita PFC-20 Battery Charger
Albright SW-200 Main Contactor
Main Breaker with Manual Disconnect Cable
Front and Rear Battery Boxes
Heater and Relay
Power Brake Vacuum Pump Kit
Power Steering Kit
DC/DC Converter
400A Main Fuse and Fuse Block
EV Pro Fuel Gauge
30A Charger Inlet with Mounting Plate
25Ft Marine Charging Cord
Control Box
26-6 Volts batteries

Price $8000.00 CDN

Contact me at [email protected]
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