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If your wondering why you'd convert a nearly new car its because currently electric cars are so expensive would it make sense to do a DIY conversion on a nearly new car?
I agree with cricketo.
If you use new EV components the cost will be as much as buying a new production EV, because you cannot possibly buy components for as little as a manufacturer, and you cannot build as efficiently as them.
If you use salvaged EV components to reduce component cost, you might as well buy a used production EV and get a better vehicle.

I think that conversions are hobby projects for enjoyment or education, or ways to create a vehicle of type which is not currently commercial available (and it probably has to be all of those to really make sense). For example, if you want an EV pickup truck today, you have to convert one... but wait a year, and if all you want is the EV pickup just buy one.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts