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Been finding it difficult to find any examples where a modern car which was new in 2020 or thereabouts was converted to electric. All conversions happily talk about converting old cars, just with modern cars there are so many electrical modules, sensors etc, if I rip out the engine the ECU etc will light up like a Christmas tree let alone electronic systems not working rendering the car just mechanically useable bar basic electrics. Would be great to see examples. If your wondering why you'd convert a nearly new car its because currently electric cars are so expensive would it make sense to do a DIY conversion on a nearly new car? Lots of questions but no!
the reason many people converted their car to an EV; Because:
1-They had a classic car they loved, but engine was blew, and to replace the engine not feasible along with hard to find parts, so they converted to EV to keep their classic car drivable.
2-They willing to spend time and labor to DYI, and find as many used part (as electric motors, batteries etc. ) that way they can save lot of money.
Like myself; I had an 04 Jaguar X-Type that engine blew out, I try to fix it but it doesn’t run right, I love the body style of my Jag, so now I‘m in processing of convert it to the EV. To let some body do it for me is out of the question: Because with the cost that they quoted I couldn’t afford it, and even if I do, I could buy a brand new Model S.
See, if you buy a nearly new car to convert it to an EV( I suspected that you would have some body to do it for you) is not make sense, and all that money you spend probably you can bu a brand new Tesla ModelS
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