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The following letter was sent to the California Attorney General's Office. I'm sharing it with all of you in the hopes that you won't get screwed like I did by Electric Conversions in Sacramento for their mistake. Thanks.


The charger for my electric car failed recently. When I sent it in to Electric Conversions in Sacramento, they claimed it was un-repairable, so I ordered a new one.

When the “new” charger arrived, it didn’t function at all. I told them the error code I was getting, but they only made ridiculous suggestions for it like “Your battery pack is too low or too high or overheating”, none of which made any sense.

They also sarcastically told me that diagnosing my car wasn’t their problem. After over a week of literally tearing my car apart stem to stern to test every component, it still boiled down to the fact that everything else EXCEPT the charger was just fine.

Finally, after telling them YET AGAIN the error code on the charger, they told me to take a photo of the “white label” on the charger and email it to them. I informed them that there was NO WHITE LABEL on the charger.

At this point, they FINALLY admitted the charger was sent to me without programming it, so I had to send it back and wait yet again. Even though this mistake was 100% THEIR FAULT, they refuse to reimburse the $60.38 it cost me to ship it back to them and claim shipping is only $19. It MAY BE for a business, but NOT for a private party. I took it to UPS and this was the least expensive option.

This charger was over $700 and I’ve spent in excess of $1,500 with them over the years. So, this is the gratitude I get for being a loyal customer? This doesn’t even include my labor and replacing the A/C refrigerant as the unit had to be removed for access to the front battery box. They also kept my brand new connector to link the charger to the car, so I had to buy that as well.

I certainly hope you can get my money reimbursed or I’ll have no choice but to post this letter on EVERY Electric Vehicle blog and website on the internet. Just losing one customer will cost them far more than the $60 they chose to shaft me out of. They should have to pay for their mistake, NOT ME!

Thank you,
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