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Hi All,
A special invitation: From
WHAT: Announcing Electric Dragin’ 2008
WHEN: Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27, 2008 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
WHERE: Barona Drag Strip
WHY: Raise awareness of the current state of electric-drive technology and promote their expanded use to meet the world’s transportation needs.
WHO: Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego at For EVerybody who has an EV, HEV, NEV, PHEV, FCV, and/or E-drive of all types we have them all and we have them right now.
HOW: An EVent exclusive for E-drive with Exhibit Booths, Show & Shine, Race the clock, each other and race to signup for this EVent as a participant, sponsor or just by passing the info along to 10 other people.

You are among the first that we want to tell about this EVent that we believe is within the following criteria:
● First exclusive pure electric-drive racing EVent in the world.
● The next generation of racing.
● This is an International EVent. If it has an electric-drive, bring it, show it and race it.
● Sponsor Area will be full of the very latest electric-drive and renewable energy exhibits and resources.
● NHRA & NEDRA sanctioned Drag Racing with E-motor Cross, Show & Shine and a network of EVerybody that is plugged in and connected to get you charged-up with electric-drive.
● Free with admission (self-contained) camping in our mild San Diego climate from noon on Friday, January 25, 2008 till noon on Monday, January 28, 2008 right at the event site.

We think it is time to get off our gasses, stop talking and start doing EVerything imaginable with today’s technology. Our vehicles are here and we want to start off 2008 with an EVent exclusively for electric-drive. It’s time for payback by leaving purely gas cars in our dust. We spend way too much time alongside those smelly things breathing all that toxic exhaust. Regardless what the ICE and petroleum proponents tell you; electric-drives are here now with all the technology that you’ve heard about. We have lithium batteries, nickel-metal (NiMH) batteries, plug-in hybrids, freeway capable E-bikes, EV with generators onboard (series hybrids), and much more.

Don’t wait another “2 years” for the next broken EV promise. Join us by starting 2008 right by charging into the future with the EV community and supporters that are connected to your needs. On this weekend while most of North America is digging out from a cold winter; while football playoffs are over and just a week until the Super Bowl it is a good time for EV’erybody to “Get Your Motors Charged” in San Diego’s fair weather climate. Everybody can and may participate by getting involved or just experiencing the electricity and exciting thrill with more electric-drive choices and news for a changing world. Signup today to race and/or sponsor this event as many that attend will be looking to see what you have to offer. Racing challenges are accepted and will be dealt with on the tracks drag strip & e-motocross with the clock being the judge and for all to see. Who knows, you might even set a record!

This is a family event. Without the deafening roar of those smog creating cars, you and your children’s ears and lungs will thank you. Bring your (self-contained) RV and camp from noon before until noon after the event. We will be setting up “Village Energy” at the track for our EV Electra-City. It is the place for everyone to camp, network , and setup the latest electric drive systems before the event and to discuss the results after.

We anticipate all media outlets to cover this exciting, ecologically freindly, historic Event that will be enjoyable for the whole family.
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