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Hello fellow DIYers,
i have recently bought a YALE forklift motor, however there was no information about it, although i got some pictures on it, do you guys mind helping me identify some specification of it?

Here are some of the questions i need answering as well:
  • -what motor controller should i use?
  • -there are four things (not sure what those are called) however im not sure what to connect?
  • -would leaving it out side in the garage be a good idea?
  • -it weighs around 220lb, so would this be an efficient motor?
  • -where can i get a sprocket for that specific size gear on the shaft?
  • -would a wooden chassis be able to support such motor? (because i'm not allowed to weld nor do i have a welder)
  • -what sprocket size should i be using?

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View attachment 14764

View attachment 14765

View attachment 14766

In the video, i have attached (refer to image "IMG_7208mod") number 2 to number 3; number one as negative; number 4 as positive. they operate fine, however when i reversed the terminals, (by switching the positive and negative) the motor rotates in the same direction as before. so my question here is how do i reverse the rotation of the motor? what are the 4 "things" suppose to be attached to?

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