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Here's what I'm thinking. This is a 4 phase plan:

Phase 1) Set up shop to mass produce karts like Mark's Neurotikart
Phase 2) Produce about 25 or so for phase 3
Phase 3) Buy a warehouse and set up a race track complete with arcade, food, whatever else you'd need for entertainment, but the race track is the feature. Because these are electric, they can run indoors and year-round which makes this much more viable than the classic gas karts
Phase 4) Either sell the e-karts to other business or franchise the whole thing if it's doing well. Not only would you have revenue from your track but from unit production and maintenance.

I know I'd totally go if there were one in my city. Those look ridiculously fun. This whole thing would cost at least 200k to start up. $75k-100k for the karts then another 100k or so in other misc. costs.

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Wow, have a look at this!

:: 4130 Mig Welded Chassis
:: Powder Coated Frame
:: 15 HP Series Wound Motor
:: Sevcon 0-400 Amp Controller
:: Four 12V 50AH AGM Batteries
:: Aluminum Differential
:: 1145 TGP 1.25” Solid Axle
:: 5 Bearing Rear Axle Mounting
:: Belt Drive
:: Rack and Pinion Steering
:: Dual Rear Disc Brakes
:: Stainless Steel Braided Lines
:: Dot 5 Brake Fluid
:: Brake Cut Off Switch
:: Auto Charge Pick Up
:: Four Point Seatbelt Harness
:: Four Position Seat Adjustment
:: Color Coded Pedals
:: Fully Enclosed Bumper System
:: Gel Coated Fiberglass
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