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Electric GoKart (144v DC)

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I just started the gokart E-kart project again. Its been a while, its a bit dusty but its a work in progress.

The frame is a MBA (made in france), has front and rear disc brakes. I currently only run the rear, due to the front tires rubbing on the brake line, gotta get narrower tires. The motor was built by Louie Finkle, pioneer of the electric skateboard. He has his company and goes by "Electric Louie". He had a different battery setup, I ended up using the current Odyssey batteries.

As it stands here it has a 144v DC motor. It is powered by 12 PC680's, a (12v) Odyssey battery. I ended up using a Raptor 1200 power controller, I know the company is out of business but I got a good deal on it. I have a solenoid to power up the circuit. A manual disconnect on the grounding side and 2 Gigavac disconnects to isolate my batteries in series. The reason they are isolated, is because my charger charges 4 batteries (in series) at a time. The charger is a ProMariner 360 elite series. I made a special connector using anderson connectors and their corresponding receptacles. Here is a few pictures, hope I can get some input on design and battery pack ideas, been thinking about some 18650 battery packs. I also need some input on battery problems, had to replace 2 batteries so far, i think its due to high discharge rates or under-voltage. Thanks.

Feel free to ask me about anything or any ideas. I have lots more pictures and will post in the upcoming days, or if you wanna look at something let me know. I have videos and laps from a track in Apple Valley, currently thinking of posting on youtube.

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These are the 3 anderson connectors used for my charger. It charger 4 batteries at a time, and keeps them balanced.

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