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I have plans for the Clark Craft outboard hydrofoil and also "El Cid" which is an inboard shaft prop hydrofoil and I plan to combine the two. My goals are to get on 3 point plane at 12 mph with a 215 lb driver and have a top speed of 40 mph. I have access to and plan to use leaf cells. I have a treadmill brushed DC motor with the following stats:

  • Power 4.25 HP (3170 W)
  • Voltage 130 VDC
  • Amperage 24.4 Amps
  • RPM 5225 RPM @ 130 VDC, No Load
  • Rotation Reversible
  • Enclosure OFC
  • Duty Treadmill
  • Mount Two 5/16"-18 Threaded Holes in Housing on 3" Centers
  • Shaft 17mm dia. x 41mm overall length, Stepped down to 14mm dia. with 5mm keyway, End tapped 10-32
  • Size 12-1/2" x 6-3/4" O.D.
  • Shpg. 33 lbs.
Mine has a belt pulley on the shaft which would be nice to run to the prop driveshaft v drive like.

These boats run these kinds of speeds in glass conditions with 24 horse 2 cycle outboards. El Cid was powered by a 4 cycle 4 H.P. garden motor and had a top speed of 16 mph with a 100 lb driver.

Is there anyone on the list that can tell me if I will be able to achieve any of my goals with this motor and battery combo? I am not racing and do not have to adhere to any class rules. It does not have to corner at higher speeds.

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