Today Im looking to sell the most fun thing Ive ever raced; my electric kart. I purchased in 2016 with an Agni 95R and alltrax controller installed with no batteries. After some trial and error, and a great tie with the agni, I upgraded to the Motenergy1507 and SevconGen4Size6. All the juice is coming from (60)5000mah 25-35c lipos (I know, no bms, bad... lets not go there here :))

The lipos were installed in 2018. Last year I pulled them all and measured internal resistance, regrouped and replaced puffy packs. The voltage sags under load just enough to feel the power drop, so the batteries are not in the best shape, but this motor is also being run at its highest performance level.

Download DVT, Ill provide you all of the development files. Currently geared for 80mph, but will include all gearing up to 90mph. Charging is done in bulk (unsafely) to only 4.1V per cell with a Grin Cycle Satiator. If the asking price is met, Ill throw in the agni, alltrax and its entire setup.

Im only moving out of this kart into another with a different electric powertrain in an SCCA pilot program.