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I converted by Grasshopper lawnmower with a 60" deck to electric back in 2014 and have several posts about the conversion then and since. Overall, it has worked fairly well, the biggest drawback is the length of mowing time per charge and an issue each spring with one cell not being equally charged with the others. Otherwise, I have been able to keep several acres mowed for the last 6+ years as well as blowing snow several times per year. We are moving to our cabin in the mountains of CO and won't have a need for a lawnmower, so I will be selling the lawnmower, snowblower attachment and cab. I paid $7700 for the original lawnmower in 2007, $600 for the snowblower and cab in 2013, and $8900 for the electric conversion in 2014 (Calb 180AH batteries, Elcon charger, two DC motors and a speed controller). If anyone is interested in this mower I am hoping to get $6000, but am willing to consider offers.

Paul Rekow
Spencer, IA
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