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Electric Long shaft Propellor boat

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First time on the forum and I'm working on a project that I hope you guys could help me out with. I'm manufacturing a long shaft propeller for a 13ft punt and I wanted to use an electric motor to power it, mainly for the noise aspect. The punt is pretty wide so can take a bit of motor/battery weight but obviously it has to give me enough power to get it moving. It is to be used on a pretty calm river/ lake but I want to be able to get up to a bit of speed (10-15mph or so, the more the merrier).
I was looking at something in the range of 3-6kw Brushless DC, 1500rpm and a good amount of torque. Range is not really a concern as I will be fairly close to new batteries if needed, as long as it lasts 30mins - 1 hour. I was looking at using an old golf cart motor, but not sure it'll give me enough power. Saw this forum and thought it would be a good place to talk it through with people who know a bit more about it. Can anyone recommend a motor/controller/battery setup?

Thanks in advance.