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Electric Luv 79 chevy Luv

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This little Chevy needs a new home I'll provide any pics asked for. I came across this truck a long time ago sitting in a field. So a friend and myself rescued it, but my friend we will just say he isn't around anymore. So it's been sitting and now it's time for a new home. I only ask what I have into it only 2800.

I don't know much about the truck and the components, that was my friends expertise. The truck was apparently raced I was told it was a 10second truck but people say anything to make it sound good. It has never ran under it's own power since I have had it but I can turn the motor over just fine. I have the charger for it. The truck is set up as a 96v system, and has new rubber on it sitting for a while on them but new rubber. I have two extra doors and an extra fender.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] and if curious the truck is located in El Mirage AZ

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