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Not sure everybody knows what a MOKE is:

These are basically an open utility body vehicle with a MINI drivetrain. They were originally conceived as light military vehicles and are now cult/collector vehicles.

Advantages: Very light, simple vehicle, likely good weight carrying capacity for their size.

Disadvantages: Open body may not have a good place to keep batteries (not familiar enough with them to know). MINI drivetrain with integrated engine/transmission is difficult to convert to electric drive; you'd probably need to replace it completely. rare vehicle means hard to find body parts, at least here in USA. (most of the mechanical stuff is MINI compatible) Aerodynamics are bad, but this may not matter depending on how you intend to use the vehicle.

The ford/siemens motor is designed for a 3 ton vehicle. It is overkill for a moke. Also, those motors are difficult to get working as very few seem to come with all the parts they need (specifically an inverter) and they need ~300 volts or so to operate. I only know of one individual who has gotten one of those motors to work.

Here is a much better, complete AC option that would work great in the moke:

You did not specify range/performance criteria so I can't make any battery recommendations. Basically though lead acid would get you someplace between 20 and 40 miles probably; lithium could get you 2 or 3 times that depending on your budget.

If you wanted to go cheaper, a simple 72V conversion would perform quite well in a moke, due to its small size. Alltrax controller, D&D motor, golf cart ancillary components basically. This could be achieved for a few thousand $ at USA retail prices.

Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts