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I'm sure some of you may have heard by now, but I wanted to post, as he was a friend of mine.

Matt Dieckman, of, was killed on August 30th in a 2-vehicle crash. He was riding a prototype electric motorcycle down the road when a Prius failed to yield to oncoming traffic and turned in front of Matt. Matt hit the passenger side of the Prius and was killed.
News Article here:

Many of you have heard about the TTXGP races this year, and his name should sound familiar. Matt, along with rider Mike Hannas, entered into all 4 of the US TTXGP races. They had a podium finish for 3rd at Infineon Raceway earlier this year, the first TTXGP race in North America. He was a great individual with a strong passion for electric vehicles. At the time of his death, he was riding a prototype vehicle that had been a fully functioning gas motorcycle just a week or so prior.

I've set up a fund in memory of Matt. Every little bit helps, please help if you can

This is to help his family and friends with any funeral arrangements, fees, etc. Whatever is left I'd like to suggest that we put towards an award in his honor to help other grassroots electric motorcycle race teams get started.

Please repost anywhere you can. Get this out to friends, family, coworkers, other motorcycle enthusiasts.

Travis Gintz
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