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Electric sportcar

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After many years if dreaming, looking for a motor and cursing over the fact that I couldn't afford a build...

But now I'll finally be able to build my own electric car.

I've read through a lot of builds here and it contains a lot of very good info and inspiration.

So what to build?
A sportcar influenced by lambos and such.

What I've got:
A motor from a forklift, 11 inch 72V 12,8kw
Front and rear axle from a bmw E36
Steering parts from same car.
A lot of tubes, 30x30x3mm and 25x25x2mm

I won't update daily and sometimes it may take weeks before a update.
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Oh, it's great that you decided to build your own car. I'm also thinking about it, but it requires a lot of time and money. I'm only second-year engineering student, and I have to work on my skills for now.
And it is very interesting to follow your progress!
Good luck!

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Thanks for your good and brave decision. Best wishes for your next step, I am not that much genius. God give you patience. I just want to say you can see George Bolton or a 2T-DIY type youtube channel for your support. Please keep posting all your new experiences.

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Looks heavy.

EV....shave every gram.
Tesla didn't shave every gram and they throw around a 6000lb car like its nothing. Don't obsess over trimming the fat as they call it unless you are building a racing vehicle that needs to be light to win. But not so light it falls apart. Electric motors are amazing that they can toss around heavy things like they weren't even there.
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