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2007 Proton Jumbuck GLi running Nissan eNV200 Gear
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Watched that this morning, this is one of the reasons that I discussed insurance before I even started my build.

Insurance can be notoriously finnicky, in the future though, my wife works in Home Insurance and I was discussing this with here, if you can't get insurance, or in the future if they choose to decline you, you can go to places like Chubb or people that Insure Insurance Companies and Banks and stuff, they'll also have a consumer arm in some cases and then you can deal with them to get a "Bespoke" solution if it's super weird and wonderful.

She said she was told during training that they have a customer who is a Gunsmith, and he has a collection of WWII tanks, he has them all insured through Chubb as no one wants to insure the liability of an accident with the tank otherwise.

Likewise he has in the vicinity of a few hundred firearms, which aren't covered on a standard home insurance or business insurance policy.

So there are solutions out there if you don't have any joy.
1 - 1 of 522 Posts