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Hello all,

I thought I would start a build thread. I have ordered a K1-attack kit car. I have started the assembly. My plan is to have a Tesla drive train. I am sourcing from EV-West. Hopefully that was a good company to partner with. I am waiting on batteries until the build is further along. I will definitely reach out to the forum for advice along the way. I am also documenting in YouTube. Feel free to follow along.
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I appreciate the triple-screen timelapse. Boring-ish work that's still interesting to see being done, but I don't need to sit and stare at only one place.
Agreed. That was a very effective use of our/your time. It's also great to see your progress as I'm still dawdling along on my build.

I had to come back and look at your Chargepoint. I got a really good deal on the same brand through my utility, but I picked the four wire, NEMA 14-50 version instead of the three wire, NEMA 6-50 version. I have the dual gang 50 amp breakers to back it up, fortunately. I'm nowhere near really needing it but I didn't think I could pass up the offer.

When I saw what you were trying to do, I wondered about using a hinge assembly like some older cars used. Kind of a cantilever system rather than a simple pivot hinge. I really don't know if they would work, but something like this:

Yes, there are few design variations, and that's what I was referring to in this:

I see what you're saying, Brian. I admit that I was a bit behind in my reading and only skimmed through your post.

Congratulations! It does look like you had a good time. I would like to see more of the road course footage, though.
1 - 5 of 526 Posts