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I've got an electric UTV that I converted over to lithium called a Vanish made by golf cart company Tomberlin. They are based off of a polaris 700 size UTV chassis and can still be purchased new. Polaris makes both a lead acid and a lithium variant of their ranger, and there are several of the japanese mini truck style vehicles that have been made electric.

To answer your question from my perspective - I believe that there are plenty of good components out there that can make for a reliable UTV. The issue comes when considering duty cycle of such a vehicle and keeping the price reasonable. The Nikola UTV is massively heavy for a UTV which is why it needs 60-80kwh? of battery and 500hp to make it fast. This drives the price up significantly when you add up all of the motors, gearboxes, controllers, and bits to keep all of that playing together. If a person could keep the weight down to 800 or 900lbs, significantly less power and battery will make for the same amount of fun.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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