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Electric Vehicle with No Starter Relay

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The college I am at is currently revamping our electric vehicle. And while we do realize that in a normal vehicle (gas powered) there is normally a starter solenoid or relay. We were curious if the one in the vehicle was even needed. What would be the benefits/ downsides to having no starter relay in the vehicle. Instead, we were debating on going to a 2 switch system, where the initial switch is a single pull double throw, allowing us to turn on the peripherals (lights, music, etc.) and the second switch would turn on the controller, allowing for a double failsafe system. We are using a Curtis 1238r controller at the moment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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So is there any danger from a current spike when the power is first applied to the motor? A professor expressed his concern that this could be the case.
I really appreciate the advice! We are using the curtis 1238r controller, but we were hoping that instead of the suggested setup, which has a relay set up to turn on when on switch is flipped, we could replace it with a switch and resistor to limit current to prevent the spike.
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