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Electric VW GTI For sale Central Coast California

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Hey guys thought id post up here before CL as most of you guys know what im selling. I bought this car a few months ago and have had so much fun driving around town but just looking to put some money in a few other projects right now. I didn't build the car so im not 100% sure of all the parts used but here is what I know!

Clean title
Warp 9 motor
144V Lithium Ion Battery pack (enerdel 4s8p) 30 mile range
BMS system installed
Elcon charger
Adapter plate to stock transmission (2nd gear synchro isn't 100% I normally keep in 3rd)
electric vacuum pump (power brakes)
have driven up to 75mph on the freeway but it doesn't have too much after that. Really a fun a peppy car for around town driving

Speedo/odo isn't working (always used my phone)
headliner needs replaced
Could definitely use a J1772 Receptacle, Currently uses the Elcon charger as an off board 110V charger with Anderson connector.

Already registered as an EV in California, no smog ever required, The body looks really great, sunroof is bad ass, the interior is so cool for its age and overall an amazing desirable car.

Asking 5K


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