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Well I talked to the guys at Oatley Electronics today about some of the more technical decisions i needed to make and have worked out a stylised diagram for the electrical side of the scooter:

Technology Electronic device Auto part Electrical wiring Electronics accessory

The system i will be running is with two 12V 7Ah sealed lead acid batteries in series with a 350W controller, motorcycle style throttle, two 100W motors in parallel and a 12V 30 LED Headlight running off each battery. I will be making two 12V smart battery chargers from kits that will trickle charge the two batteries and then shutoff. They will kick in when the voltage drops by 0.5V, so the batteries will stay charged without being damaged. Depending on their size and weight these chargers will either go on board or stay in the garage, probably the latter. There was a 24V charger option but it was out of stock and want to try out and test individual chargers for each battery like kiwiev is doing because i think it will save me some money on my full-scale conversion. The built in brakes in the drive train come with their own push-bike style squeeze things and cables. The tech guy suggested i could join the two together, put a plate across them and fashion a brake pedal. This would mean they would brake together nicely but it would probably also mean adjusting the pedal every time the kid grows too much or his little brother/sister wants a go since the seat is in a fixed position. I am hoping i will be able to just put the brakes up on the handlebars that i am planning to install. I don't know whether or not i will be able to link them so that they work together or not but time will tell.

The two things i have yet to include are an ignition key which would connect to the controller and a switch for the headlights. I should be able to just pick these up from my local electronics store so they won't be much of an issue. This is probably the biggest electrical project that i have ever attempted and the first that i have ever designed myself so it will probably be a pretty big challenge but i'm sure if i am patient and careful it should be too difficult.... Here's hoping anyways =D
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