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Electrified MG Midget - Seats and Dash Removal

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On 10 June 2013, I removed the seats and dash. The Haynes manual was clear and helpful concerning the seat removal instructions, but unhelpful with the dash removal.

After searching the internet, I found a very helpful video on YouTube.

This provided the visuals that allowed me to orient a wrench deep inside the dashboard, loosening the difficult-to-access nuts across the inside top of the dash.

It looked like the steering column was going to have to come out, but that turned out to be unnecessary. Which, was a good thing, becuase the allegedly captive nut (one of three, with the others being entirely accessible) simply wouldn’t cooperate. If the column ever has to come out, there might be a problem.

The wiring harness was disconnected and the dash wiggled out past the steering column. Spatial relationship skills test #21352... passed!

The seats were in bad shape, but I wasn’t sure how bad they would have to be in order to justify replacing them. They could be refurbished, but the amount of rat chewing, rust, age, and wear was substantial. The household voted in favor of junking them and buying new seats.

New MG Midget seats are available, and while expensive, as part of an entire interior kit, the household felt it was an understandable expense. Other possibilities for seat replacements were mentioned by friends following the projects. Robert Rotzler and several others suggested Recaro seats, and a search of the forums on various sites turned up the Miata MX5s seats as an almost-drop-in replacement.

Because the original seats were close enough to steampunk to consider replacing, the entire question of what and whether to buy was tabled for further study.

Any excuse for browsing through endless collections of steampunk art for further inspiration!

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