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Hello all, my name is Tim and I'm planning a build for an Mk III Midget full electric conversion as my spring to fall daily driver in upstate NY.

I have a 17 mile round trip to work and would like an extra 10-15 miles of range for days where I need to run a few errands in my small town, it needs to be capable of sustaining speeds of up to 65 mph without struggling, and have enough acceleration to keep my friends from calling it a gocart.

I'm heavily leaning toward a 120 or 144 volt 100 Ah LiFePO4 system with a WarP 9 motor. Since its nearly the same base I've been looking at Pete Temple's 66 Midget in the evalbum ( to get a few ideas about controllers and such until I learn a bit more, so if anyone has any comments or recommendations about things I should do differently, I'd love to hear them.

Also I have a few general questions about the build.

1) I've seen a lot of talk about the EVGlide transmission and it seems like a great piece of kit, but is anyone actually using one? I'd be hesitant to go with one without some first hand feedback since its not exactly something your average neighborhood mechanic has knowledge of if it fails.

2) If I started with a 120 volt system and later decided I wanted to add a few cells to bring it up to 144 or 160, how much extra work would it require beyond modifying the battery racks?

3) Beyond finding used parts, is there anywhere in Pete's build where one could save a few bucks? The build seems like it'll probably end up around 9-10k total and that's around my upper limit, but I certainly could complain about keeping a little change in my pocket or using any extra to go with 130Ah batteries for the extra range.

More questions will surely follow, I'm hoping to have the full build planned out before I start making purchases to avoid any nasty surprises. Thanks in advance and for the great wealth of information I've already gone through on these forums.
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