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Hi everyone,

I'm working con converting Peugeot RCZ to use Tesla drivetrain. I need donor car's power steering and brake system remain.

After research and tested, it required CAN bus signal (may be RPM, VSS) from engine to wakeup electric pump for steering hydraulic line.
Which I don't have ref. to IDs data or startup sequential.

There are 5 input lines to the pump terminal
1. +12 (major power line)
2. GND
3. Can-L
4. Can-H
5. +12v (active after ignition on)

I kill engine on the fly - with +12V remain supply to terminal 5 but pump also stop.

Has anyone got source of Peugeot CAN BUS IDs and message? I need to transmit back to fool ECU that engine still live.
and so curious how you guy solve power steering in your conversion project.

Thank you
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