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I have been researching Electric Cars since September last year, in that time period I have gone through many plans and thrashed out many budgets as I worked out how a student could make a satisfactory EV. I have planned an RX7, CRX or Civic and pick-up conversion, even to the point of being outbid on eBay for a donor. I started my own mini EV project as documented on this Blog, but since it was going to be just a toy, that I couldn’t fit in and didn’t feel comfortable giving away without testing, I decided it wasn’t worth putting money into and donated the peddle car to family friends. But recently I’ve been planning a project that was easier to do well, while on a budget but was useful enough to be worth investing in… An Electric motorcycle. And two weeks ago I became the proud owner of this 1984 Suzuki GSXR 400 off Ebay for the grand price of $495.

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I've decided to document my conversion as a part journal, part guide to the conversion process. So hopefully this bike will make it easier for others who wish to follow a similar path. I'm certainly not the first to do it, but I have seen the influence that sites like EVconvert and kiwiEV on helping people see the viability and ease with which a conversion can be done, so hopefully people will be able to see the same thing by following my conversion. I'll try to keep the practical workings a little ahead of the blog so that I can be more consistent with my posts but as a student I often work in sudden energetic bursts rather than consistent plodding so you may need to be patient at times.

I'm going to nickname this bike the Elixxer, since the GSXR is often called a gixxer and this is the electric version, I guess it is a working title but I like it so far. As a current update I have picked up the motorbike, removed and sold the motor and am waiting on my parts to arrive from the US, but to keep the content flowing I'm going to start off the blogs with this introduction followed by a guide to planning an EV so that the content doesn't dry up in the middle fiddly stage and to keep you in suspense. My goals for this project are a 60-80km range (~40-50 miles), a top speed of 80-100km/h (50-60mph) and the performance of a 250cc bike. Perhaps the best inspiration/proof of concept for this build is emoto's bike pictured below. My budget is around $8000 Australian, the majority of which will be taken up by batteries, I will be going out on rather uncharted waters with a LIFEPO4 battery pack. It all should be good fun, and a great learning experience that I will document as much as I can. I won't be doing it alone, and will be enlisting the help of as many skilled friends as possible to get this bike on the road. So if you are interested in electric motorcycles or EVs in general and would like to see one come together live, then pull up a chair, subscribe to this RSS feed and watch me make mistakes so you don't have to.

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