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Musk is the master of posting "positive spin" comments for the MSM to pick up on and repeat. He understands how those media outlets love to quote high level insider "information" ..usually without checking the data to back it up.
Even his series of failed pedictions for M3 production targets has not apparently caused many to question his word.
I assume that "MSM" is "mainstream media". What I seen in mainstream media (if major newspapers count as MSM) related to Model 3 production is mostly reports of failure to meet production targets, lists of problems, forecasts of more missed targets, and descriptions of financial crisis. Musk is believed by his followers, but he's not fooling the mainstream media.

I don't know what TV networks say about Musk - he rarely makes the news programs that I watch. Coverage of the Autopilot crashes don't mention Musk and don't address Tesla issues unrelated to the crashes.

The Tesla Semi coverage was mostly fluff, and largely unquestioning, but that's true of most concept vehicle coverage.

It seems to me that the problems are the specialist "publications" (essentially special-interest bloggers) and the section of the public who choose to believe propaganda over facts.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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