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If you are going with AC it's very difficult to mix and match motors and inverters unless you are an expert on both. This can be done with DC series wound forklift motors as the number of variables involved are far less and can be boiled down to whether the motor is physically large enough, has good enough insulation, big enough brushes and can be timed right. With AC the motor insulation, number of poles, delta vs. wye winding, and a gazillion other factors are involved.

The motor you have found might well be big enough to power your vehicle, but it probably isn't ideal. Also keep in mind electric motors are rated at their continuous load, and inverters at their peak load. You want at least 3-4x the inverter peak load rating vs the motor continuous rating. For example my solectria AC system has a 30kw rated motor and an 80kw rated inverter. Its no hot rod, but its adequate.

With AC you need to buy motor and inveter combinations that are known to work together. So look at stuff being sold by EV retailers, and find and attend any local EV enthusiast groups you may have in your area.

Good luck.
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