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Last year we released a new update of this model, which made a lot of changes.

Ukrainian RD center EMGo Technology launches serial ScrAmper electric motorcycle for export | | Electric motorcycle news

You can read the details in the article above, as well as a few details I will tell you here.

I am a representative of EMGO TECHNOLOGY, my name is Alex and I am glad to be among such professionals as you!
We have created a powerful electric motorcycle in which we have implemented many features that are not available for most electric
motorcycles in the price category up to 7000 EURO.
Our website: Electric Motorcycle Scramper - EMGO TECHNOLOGY

Brief characteristics:
1) BLDC motor with a peak power of 16 kW (7200 RPM)
2) Fast onboard charging with support for 110-220VAC, as well as support for car charging stations TYPE 2 (Mennekes) (Full charge in 1.5-2 hours)
3) Powerful 10 kW Li-NCM battery with an innovative patented active air cooling system, thanks to which the battery is able to withstand a constant load of 24 kW for 30 minutes without cell degradation.
4) Maximum speed 127 km/h
5) Power reserve up to 200 km (at a speed of 45 km / h), P.S. let's be honest, we love speed, so we drive around 75-90 km/h, so the real margin will be about 160 km
For those who like to "squeeze all the juice" and drive at maximum speed - you can drive a guaranteed 100 km.


The ScrAmper has an integrated power plant. BLDC - engine with a nominal power of 9 kW and a peak power of 16 kW (7200 RPM) and a 4-speed gearbox. The transmission works similarly to gasoline. The ability of the electric motor to reach a peak power of 16 kW and the ability of the battery to provide the engine with such energy and create a dynamic character ScrAmper.


The charger is integrated into the motorcycle, which provides a fairly high charging speed. And support for the car standard PLUG 2 (CCS 2) makes it possible to charge the motorcycle at car charging stations. At the same time, having only a charging cable with the socket with which the motorcycle is completed, you can charge the motorcycle simply at home from a household network (110 / 220V).

Battery - HD10 POWERPACK

The ScrAmper electric motorcycle battery has a patented innovative cooling system of HD10 Power Pack elements, which is at the same time simple and inexpensive. Thanks to it, having a nominal value of only 10 kW, the battery can operate in Heavy Duty mode, steadily giving 23-25 ??kW of power for 30 minutes. At the same time, the temperature in the middle of the battery will not rise above 38 ° C and will not reach the critical marks for the elements. Thus, the HD10 Power Pack includes not only the ability to super-return the battery, but also increase the battery speed by 2-3 times compared to the current parameters of ScrAmper.
This allows us to use our POWERPACK in other motorcycles with a more powerful engine in the future. Peak short-term battery power without degradation is 40 kW

Already in February, we are sending a motorcycle to Italy for European certification, and at the same time we are launching the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to collect orders and resources to start production in Ukraine. I will update the information and add a link here to the crowdfunding platform so that if you are interested, you can order it.
To certify a motorcycle for the American market, we need at least 300 orders around the world, so we will really hope for you and your support in social networks and other resources.

Thank you all for your attention, wait for updates, and we will also be glad to hear your opinion about the product.
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