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Encoder signal

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Hi. We are going to run one of those sound-boxes which outputs sounds when the car is below a certain RPM - mostly for the cool factor, but I just read it will become a requirement in the US for EVs by 2020.

Yes, I paid big bucks for something which wouldn't be that hard to build, but I have it and I want to use it. The sounds are programmable - different car/motor sounds, but we are probably going to use/add the sound of horses walking/trotting/galloping! It has the encoder input so it can change from the slow to medium to fast sounds.

My question is about the encoder input. I believe I have read that it is recommended to keep this wire to the controller as short as possible, so am worried if I tee it off and run another wire to the input for this box, my encoder signal will become too weak, and/or be subject to noise. Can anyone add anything from their experience? We are using an AC50 and Curtis 1238.

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