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Enertrac 602 vs QS Motor 273, which hub motor to choose?

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Hello gentlemen,

Between the Enertrac 602 and the QS Motor 273, which would you choose for a motorcycle hub conversion and why?

The Enertrac is rated for 10kw and the QS Motor for 8kw. How accurate are these ratings and would the difference be drastically noticeable? While the Enertrac is more powerful, it also costs double what the QS Motor costs. I wonder if the extra 2kw is worth it or if I could get by on the cheaper motor.

I am primarily concerned with top speed. Acceleration is not a big deal as long as it does not impede traffic. I would like to be able to do short trips on the highway at 70-80mph for 5-10 minutes. Is that even possible with either motor? The motors would be used at 96-120V, depending on what max voltage they can sustain continuously.

The bike is a small 70's cruiser motorcycle and I will try to make it as light as possible. Although I know that at over 50mph aerodynamics become more of a concern than weight.

However, is Enertrac even still in business? I have sent a couple of emails to the address on their website and also messages to their page on Facebook over the past month. They have yet to reply to any of them.

Finally, are there any other hub motors worth looking into that could satisfy my goals?

Thank you for any input.
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