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Engineers Compliance report

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Good evening all,

I have a question about getting an EV certified for it's compliance certificate (or non-Australian equivilent). How long should it take?

My possibly-engineer-to-be has quoted me 20 hours for the compliance check (including the recommendation/ approval to the transport authority that the car meets with the national code of practices). This seems a lot, or is this normal. I understand that there is a fair bit to check but is there really almost three business days worth?

Also, I was quoted for 12 hours to design and approve battery cages. When I asked what testing already made cages was I was told 5 hours to run the stress calculations leaving 7 for CAD. I do a fair amount of CAD and 7 hours is a lot of CAD especially for a basic structure such as a battery box.

Now I'm not saying these figures are over the top or anything, I just wanted to get some opinions and feedback on other peoples experience getting certified.

Can anyone recommend a good engineer in Qld, Australia?

Did it take your engineer this much time? Should I befriend an engineer down the pub to help drop the costs? :rolleyes:

Thanks, I look forward to you thoughts, comments and verbose musings:D
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For the Cad and design of a battery box, I spent at least that with my Motorcycle battery cage. That was without stress testing.

Anything custom is going to be expensive because you can't spread it out over a set of standard products to sell.
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